Shotgun-I & Drills

Shotgun: Basic Concept & Drills


Shotgun-I & Drills

Shotgun: Basic Concept & Drills

Crossfire Tactical Solutions Combat Shogun course will instill confidence in student’s abilities and eliminate the hesitation they have towards firing the shotgun. This class will focus on the basic fundamentals of both pump and semi-automatic shotguns, discuss types of ammunition, combat firing techniques, and the shotgun as a multi-purpose launching platform.


The program is designed to provide a quick hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to legal concept of gun ownership and home/personal procection.


Open to ALL


Phase 1: Classroom orientation (4 hrs) Phase 2: Live fire shooting range (4 hrs)


The following technique and concepts will be introduced at a reasonable pace for the maximum retention


These concepts are instructed in classroom format

Weapon Operation

Students are introduced to safe handling of their gun and familiarization of marksmanship is given in a hands on application


      • Serviceable Tactical Shotgun (12 gauge pump or semi-auto police shotgun)
      • Ammunition*
      • Tactical 2 Point Sling**
      • Shot Shell Carrier 
      • Dump bag (highly recommended)
      • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
      • Ear protection (Highly recommend ear plug type vs. ear muffs. Both outer and inner protections are recommended)
      • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
      • Appropriate attire for weather & hot brass/shell
      • Knee pads (highly recommended)
      • Shooting mat (highly recommended)
      • Water and snacks
      • Gun bag/case to store and transport any firearms

    Ammunition*: 20 rounds of 12 gauge slug. 20 rounds of 12 gauge 00 buckshot. 100 rounds of birdshot (#6, #7½, #8 or #9). The buckshot must be low recoil capable of shooting a group no larger than 18 inches at 15 yards.