8 hours of Basic Handgun Safety & Handling

This 1-day carbine training course will build on the foundation skills developed in Carbine-I to develop aggressive carbine handling skills during tactical deployment of the rifle for personal protection and home defense.

The Operator course is designed to build on the foundations taught in Carbine-I course. The shooters will develop critical skills needed in both fundamental and advanced shooting in a variety of situations including concepts of dominating the weapon, threat and all visual areas during dynamic action will be emphasized throughout the course. 

Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats. This course is designed to challenge the student’s skill levels beyond the basics and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical for both law enforcement application and personal/home defense.


The program is designed to provide a quick hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to legal concept of gun ownership and home/personal procection.


Carbine-I & Pistol-I module or Equivalent Pistol-2A is highly recommended for moving Pistol-2B is highly recommended for use of cover & positions


This (8 hrs) day training will be held on live fire range Live Fire Shooting: 7.5 hours Lunch 30 minutes


The following technique and concepts will be introduced at a reasonable pace for the maximum retention


These concepts are instructed in classroom format

Weapon Operation

REVIEW: Function checking the AR-15 / M-4 rifle

Live Fire & Combat Shooting

Students are introduced to Combat Shooting


  • AR15 or M16 type carbine w/ iron sites
  • 2 Magazines – Magazine holder – 200 rounds of ammunition (Students must provide own ammo)
  • Standard two point or tactical two point sling is required (no one point sling)
  • Sturdy belt, Sam-brown, tactical belt
  • Boots
  • Ear protection (both outer and inner protections are recommended)
  • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
  • Hat (highly recommended)
  • Knee & elbow pads (optional)
  • Shooting mat for prone position (optional)
  • Large marking pen
  • Hand wipes
  • Lunch
  • Water and snacks (also available on-site for purchase)
  • Need a safety tab to insert into the bolt/firing chamber through the dust cover  (Also available during the class)
  • Appropriate clothing for weather and to prevent hot brass incidents (females: clothing that’ll cover chest/breast area)